An All New Anime Feature Film by Bleach’s creator Kubo, “Burn the Witch” has been revealed!

As we were all waiting for, Bleach has officially celebrated its 20th Anniversary , and surprised fans with a fantabulous presentation featuring a ton of new announcements for fans of Bleach and Kubo’s work itself!


We saw the Promotional Video for the Anime Adaptation of the much awaited Thousand Year Blood War Arc which fans have been waiting for years. However, along with that, we even saw Burn the Witch. For those of you who don’t know, Burn the Witch was initially a One Shot by Kubo which was released in 2018.  And Shonen Jump loved it so much that they have announced an Anime Adaptation!

Along with the announcement of the Feature Film scheduled to be releasing sometime this year, an Official Website has also been opened for the Film. As well as an Official Twitter Handle has been released for the Feature Film
What are your thoughts on Kubo’s, Burn the Witch!
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