Best Live-action Adaptation of a Manga you didn’t know about part 1

One thing which our community dislikes or is terrified from are the cinematic live-action adaptation of there beloved manga series. Either it is made in Japan or Hollywood, the reaction is more or less the same, that is people don’t expect much. But every now and then a work of art defies our expectations. Even though we don’t keep much like Gintama, Rurouni Kenshin equally amazing films. The only problem which they had were budget constraints they were made by the Japanese. If a manga adaptation is being developed in Hollywood people fear that whitewashing and not using the content from the source material other then the basic stuff totally ruins the experience. Exactly what they did with Dragonball Evolution and Death Note.

But today i’ll be talking about the one adaptation most of you didn’t know about which is All You Need Is Kill. One of the Best live-action adaptation of a manga. The content of the said manga was used to write the screenplay for the hit film EDGE OF TOMORROW aka Live. Die. Repeat. starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt back in 2014. I was surprised when I got to know about it. On a personal note, I’ll say I loved the manga more than the film. As far adaptations go the movie was phenomenal. (followed by Alita Battle Angel) with itsy bitsy references to the manga which the readers will love.
So here it goes.


We don’t get a year. It somewhere in the near future that an extraterrestrial race arrives on our planet to eradicate us. They are called “Mimics”, and the whole story is presented to us from the protagonist Keiji Kiriya’s point of view. Right off the bat, the story begins with his death. He wakes up and thinks that he dreamt it. When they are deployed the next day to capture a point in japan. He relives the same moment and realizes that he is stuck in a time loop. Cleverly he uses this thing to his advantage to hone his combat skills. Whenever he dies he is respawned a day before in his bunk with other soldiers. But all that changes when he meets humanity’s best fighter Rita Vrataski aka The Full Metal Bitch.


Keiji Kiriya
is a recruit in the United Defense Front’s Japan HQ, an introverted guy who loves reading books, but when his life takes a turn for the worst (or best) we see an amazing transformation he becomes a veteran and his eyes tell us that he’s literally been in hell, his call sign which gets later in the manga is even referenced in the movie as Tom Cruise is named William “Cage”. The exoskeleton suit which they all wear can be referenced with the Spartan suits from Halo but with VR display for the user, unlike the manga in the movie they had exoskeleton suits similar to what we saw in Elysium and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Rita Vrataski is an American soldier (in the movie Emily Blunt’s Rita was a brit) who is part of an elite group called the Valkyrie, her suit is red in color which distinguishes her from other soldiers, she only carries a gigantic battle-ax and she uses that to wipe out the mimics which helped her in earning the name FULL METAL BITCH. She meets Keiji when the US assists the Japanese HQ of the UDF. Much like the other war has changed her but she has a kiddish personality when Keiji notices her closely.

Rest of the characters are just supporting cast although Rita’s engineer Shasta Raylle, a total nerd with a cute personality and is a comical relief in the story followed by Keiji’s friend Jin Yonabaru still got some limelight, otherwise the story was focused on the main duo and the relationship which they shared towards the end.


All you need is kill’s concept is very similar to a multiplayer game. Even the mangaka said that video games were the thing which gave him the idea for All You Need Is Kill. The manga has 2 volumes. 19 chapters in totality so you can give it a read. a definite 160/160 (yes it is a reference to manga) The movie is slightly different but at least in a broad sense they used the concept of the manga nicely and the efforts of the directors and the cast were fully realized and loved. It’s safe to say it is one of the best live-action adaptation of a manga.

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