Senpai ‘s favorite anime quotes on love

Anime has time and again, brought us on the verge of tears with its emotional scenes and dialogues. Here are some. With the wide range of anime available to us, it’s hard to pinpoint all the memorable dialogues that have stirred something inside of us. We’ve tried our best to collect some of Senpai ‘s favorite anime quotes on love because love evokes some sort of reaction from humans – happiness, sadness, apathy, etc. Therefore, the quotes aren’t just restricted to anime with romance as its genre but all anime that has, at times, addressed the emotion of love.

Best of Senpai anime quotes on Love –

Of all the days I lived, only those I spent with you seemed real. 

Vincent Volaju (Cowboy Bebop: The Movie) 

Cowboy bebop quotes Vincent

We are all farsighted, we give importance to things that are far from us while neglecting the things that are close to us.. only to realise their value later when they are out-of-reach again

 Kawamura Sachiko (Nana) 

Kawamura Sachiko (Nana)

Though we had to part, though we could never be together again. We had no regrets. If the woman I loved was happy, then I was happy. And I am. Our hearts had joined and so, even if she lived in a different world, at that time, we really were together always, always. I would never let go of this feeling or my love for her 

Tatara (Fushigi Yuugi) 

When you fall in love with someone, you want everything from them. It’s only natural to feel that way but real love can only happen when you want what’s best for the other person and never want anything in return

 Nobu Terashima (Nana)

Senpai anime quotes

I’d been wondering if there was a meaning to a failed love, is something that disappeared the same as something that never existed? But now I know there is – there was a meaning right here because despite the heartbreak, I’m still glad I fell in love with you

 Takemoto Yuta (Honey and Clover) 

Senpai anime quotes

The woman I love as I see her sink in the same darkness I am in, what damn things happen in the future, the future you guys want, I don’t care about that. 

 Hyuuga Natsume (Gakuen Alice) 

Senpai anime quotes

Heh, I guess somehow without knowing, it just feels so natural to have Kagome by my side. 

Inuyasha (Inuyasha) 

Senpai anime quotes

It was like you brought color to my life. You changed my life, all by yourself. 

Kuronuma Sawako (Kimi Ni Todoke) 

Senpai anime quotes

You were always there for me, and that’s all I needed. Just you. Slowly I realized It was real – that you were gone. And little by little, I slowly felt something inside me go numb. 

Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop) 

Senpai anime quotes

If you love someone, they could make you sad. They could even make you feel lonely sometimes. But that someone can also make you happier than you’ll ever be. 

Sohma Kyo (Fruits Basket) 

Senpai anime quotes

It’s equivalent exchange. I’ll give you half my life, you give me half of yours

 Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) 

Senpai anime quotes

Love is good. It changes people, for better or for worse. You could look at it as a chance for you to change. The best kind of love helps you grow up 

– Misawa Mitsuyoshi (My Little Monster) 

Senpai anime quotes

 It’s over between Kana and me. We’re not going to get back together. Even if we were together, I would only miss her.

 – Sohma Hatori (Fruits Basket)

Senpai anime quotes

Love is essential to our being. We’re all in the search for love, in some form or the other. Anime has portrayed the different forms of love that we know, that make us reminiscent and reaffirms our feelings in love. 

These were Senpai’s favorite anime quotes on Love.

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