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Black Clover Chapter 245 release date, Raw and where to Read Online?

After the release of black clover chapter 244, it’s hard to be patient for chapter 245. We can’t wait for Yami vs Dante in chapter 245 of black clover. In this post, we’ve covered the release date, raw, spoilers and where to read the chapter section

The creators have shown a new power-up for Asta. Now Asta can release more demonic powers. Dante’s demonic powers are still way more than Asta’s powers. Readers have been waiting for Yami vs Dante ever since. And, finally, the most awaited fight will begin in the upcoming chapter.

Be cautious, there could be some spoilers on the way.

Black Clover Chapter 245 Release Date?

Chapter 245 of Black clover will be released on 29th March 2020. As black clover is a weekly manga. A new issue comes every week. Chapter 244 was released on 22nd March. Make sure you visit Knowsenpai regularly to get the latest updates.


Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 245 Online?

You can read black clover chapter 245 online for free on Manga plus on 29th March. Every issue are available there at Mangaplus

Chapter 245 Black Clover Raw Scans

The Raw scans of chapter 245 will be available 2-3 days before the chapter releases. Probably on 27th  March.

We’ll keep you guys updated.

Black Clover Chapter 245 predictions

As we saw in the previous chapters. Asta was knocked down to the ground. We can tell that this time, Asta won’t get up that easily.

Yami has made his way to the battlefield, things are going to get intense. We’ll finally get to see Yami fighting Dante. I can’t predict how it’ll go but there’s a high chance that Dante will win. Tell us what you guys think will happen in the comment section below.

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