BREAKING: Weathering with You will RELEASE IN INDIA!!!

IT HAPPENED!! IT FINALLY HAPPENED!! Months of hard work and dedication finally paid off. We did it guys, Weathering with you will finally release in India. We made #indiawantsanime movement successful. Tenki no Ko will finally release in India.

The news was first announced first by the film’s official Twitter account. It reads:

“First achievement of Japanese original animated film! Public release in movie powerhouse India!!
The signing of local Indians is finally fruiting.
More than 50,000 fans have received comments from
# Makoto Shinkai and other officials, and Mumbai, Delhi and other 20 cities across India have decided to unveil the extraordinary! # Weather of child # India published October 11, 2011

According to the tweet, Weathering with You will release in over 20 major Indian cities. Fans were speculating a single screening, so, this came as a major surprise.

Makoto Shinkai’s response:

Makoto Shinkai, the director of the movie, retweeted the tweet congratulating Indian fan. He showed his pleasure in the tweet:

 “Weather Child” has been announced in India. 
I have been very happy to hear that the voice has been coming from India.

He followed up his tweet with another one, saying:

“To fans in India: I’m so happy to tell that ‘Weathering With You’ (Tenki no ko) will release in India this October! We have licensed the Indian distribution rights to PVR Pictures and BookMyShow backed company Vkaao.”

Although a lot of the words are lost in translation, the core message is very prominent. ‘Weathering With You’ will release in India. We showed the world that the power of Indian otakus is indeed over 9000. I urge you all to please watch the movie in theaters and keep our end of the bargain. We need to prove that our strength isn’t just limited to signing petitions. I’m hoping that we give them enough profit that they don’t have to think twice before releasing another anime movie in India ever again.

Thank you all for signing the petition and making our voices heard. Everyone showed great unity, and now it’s our time to reap the fruits of our dedication. See you in theaters, otakus.

Read more about the whole “#indiawantsanime” and more of weathering with you right here.

Sources: Twitter
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