Cowboy Bebop Anime Review and FAQs

Cowboy Bebop is one of, if not, the best classic anime out there. The beautiful dystopian story is accompanied greatly by the wonderful animation. Everything about it, from the amazing action to the mellifluous music, is perfect. Needless to say, the show is exceptional and it holds a big place in my heart. But, the very melancholic and anticlimactic ending leaves the viewers with a lot of questions. I’ll try to answer a few glaring ones.

Is Cowboy Bebop Worth A Watch?

YES! Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime out there. The series is very small and digestible (only 26 episodes). Each episode is full of heart and action. The show fills you with adrenaline and emotions at the same time. The action scenes leave you on the edge of your chair. The characters are really well thought out. Each character gets a satisfying end to their story arcs. One of the best selling points of the show is its music, thus giving it its name, Bebop. Each episode title is based on a song or a band. You go on a wild space ride full of adventures in this show. It is amazing how the show has such amazing and complex story-lines and yet manages to have such a small footprint. This show is truly a masterpiece and deserves every bit of appreciation it gets.


I would suggest only those who have watched the anime to read beyond this point.

Does Cowboy Bebop anime End?

It seems like an easy question to answer. Obviously, it isn’t airing anymore and it had an ending, so, it ended. But, there are subtle hints all throughout the anime which say otherwise.
Episode 24 “Hard Luck Woman”: It ends with “See you, Cowgirl, Someday, Somewhere” instead of the usual “See You Space Cowboy”. This insinuates that we might see Ed and Ein somewhere down the line.

In Image: Ein and Ed (from left)

“You’re Gonna Carry That weight”: The ambiguity of this line has bewildered fans ever since the anime ended. Some believe that it means that we are going to carry the weight of not being able to see more of Spike’s actions because of his demise. Others believe that it is symbolic of the actions that Spike took in his past and he has to carry out the consequences which lead to his death. I believe that both of the explanations could be true. But, Spike has a lot more to carry. I believe that there’s more to the Syndicate and maybe the rest of the Bebop crew has to carry the weight of Spike’s past actions and his untimely death.

In Image: Spike Spiegel

Faye and her memories: A major part of the show are Faye’s memories. She deals with lost time and memory gaps through the entirety of the show. It seems unfair to me that we only get pieces of her memories. The show ends without us knowing about her maiden name.

In Image: Young Faye Valentine.

The ending is really satisfying and I most certainly don’t want a season two. But, it’s fun to speculate and wonder about the things left unsaid between the lines. A spin-off would be a great way to answer these questions. I definitely believe that there is more to the show and that it definitely did not end how we thought it did. Maybe the answers are really truly in between those lines and that’s what makes this show so great.

Does Spike Really Die?

This question has created a bigger discourse than any other in the anime world. While a lot of people believe that Spike is still alive and got rescued somehow. I am one of the few who believe that he did perish in the final fight and succumbed to the injuries. This not only sits well with the tone of the show but also provides the perfect answer to “You’re gonna carry that weight.” Jet cleaning the Bebop alone without a care and Faye’s disappointed face all correspond to one thing only. Spike did actually die and now everyone has to carry the weight of his death.

In Image: Spike Spiegel from the final episode.

The show is set in a melancholic world and this ending is a perfect fit for that world. The final “bang” and the final “see you space cowboy” is all too perfect. The show is about moving on and letting go of the past. The Bebop will always be incomplete without Spike but it has to move on and have endless adventures.

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