Dr. Stone Anime Review

Dr. Stone anime is on everybody’s watchlist nowadays. It is a very popular shonen manga series which is published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It was recently adapted into a 24 episode anime series. Below is the review of the ultra-popular series that’s creating uproar In Japan.

Dr. Stone Plot

SOURCE: https://dr-stone.fandom.com/wiki/Stone_World

The plot starts with Taiju Oki, an average student, talking to the protagonist, Senku Ishigami, about confessing his feelings for their classmate Yuruziha Ogawa. A little later, we come to see him in the midst of his proposal when a bright green light ends up petrifying all of humanity and sparrows! After about 3700 years of being petrified, Senku and Taiju wake up about 6 months apart, with Senku being the premier one. The world where Senku and Taiju are revived is called ‘The Stone World’ by them. Due to the absence of humans in this world for over 3000 years, the world has changed vastly and Senku aims to restore human civilization using the power of science.

Senku then discovers a chemical mixture featuring Nital, which he further concludes, revived him. He and Taiju plan to use this chemical or as they call it the ‘Miracle Water’, to revive Yuruziha but a sudden lion attack forces them to revive Tsukasa Shishio instead, to protect them.  Later a conflict of ideals leads to Senku’s group forming the Kingdom of Science in Ishigami Village to restore civilization and uncover the mystery of their petrification while Tsukasa establishes an Empire of Might to create a new world where only strong-willed people who are strong enough to fight are revived.

Dr. Stone Anime Characters

Senku Ishigami:

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The protagonist of the series, Senku is a scientific prodigy who aims to revive and re-establish human civilization and find out the cause of the petrification of humans 3700 years ago!

Taiju Oki:

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Taiju is Senku’s greatest friend and although he may not be the smartest tool in the shed, he has a noble heart and will do what’s right. He supports Senku in the revival of humanity.

Yuruziha Ogawa

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Yuruziha is the love interest of Taiju. She is very kind and a really helpful person who will always do the right thing. She supports Senku in his pursuit of the revival of human civilization.

Tsukasa Shishio:

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Tsukasa Shishio is the main antagonist and doesn’t agree with Senku on bringing the entirety of humanity back. He believes that reviving humanity will revive its malpractices too. Shishio also believes that only strong-willed people should be brought back to life. He later ends up establishing The Empire of Might.


SOURCE: https://www.tumbral.com/tag/faves%20%3C33

Chrome is originally a sorcerer and eventually scientist of the Ishigami Village. Originally, a rival he grows close to him after Senku teaches him the art of Science. He is one of the main protagonists of Dr. Stone. Chrome is highly energetic with a lot of passion and curiosity.


SOURCE: https://tenor.com/view/dr-stone-anime-kohaku-gif-14797452

Kohaku is the younger daughter of the Leader of the Ishigami village. She is a caring woman who cares deeply about her sickly old sister Ruri and is one of the main protagonists of Dr. Stone. Kohaku is very considerate of other people and their feelings. However, she is also a hothead but a rather loyal one.

Asagiri Gen:

SOURCE: https://www.tumblr.com/search/senku%20headcanon

Gen Asagiri is an enemy turned ally of Senku. Tsukasa originally de-petrified and sent him into the Kingdom of Science to confirm Senku’s death. However, he later defected to The Kingdom of Science. Gen is very full of himself and his capabilities as a magician and a mentalist.


SOURCE: https://ww1.readdrstone.com/chapter/dr-stone-chapter-78/

Dr. Stone’s The first episode adapts the manga well. The animation is really amazing and brings the manga panels to life. This anime, unlike most shounen anime, doesn’t focus on fights but rather innovation and scientific development and thus can sometimes be a bit slow as a result. 

While it can be underwhelming for some viewers due to slow pace and lack of fights, it should be noted that the show is set in the stone age. Thus it’s best to show the development of society slowly. But the show hits conflict points and major drivers in the story including significant character development. 

Moreover, the voice acting work of Kobayashi Yuusuke (Senku), Numakura Manami (Kohaku), Sato Gen (Chrome), Nakamura Yuuichi (Tsukasa) and Furukawa Makoto (Taiju) is done well too. The Opening song ‘Good Morning World’ by Miura Jam is catchy however the Ending song ‘Life’ by Rude-α takes the cake.

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