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A Gintama Guide


Over the course of anime history, we have received a lot of anime that portray their story in an innovative manner that appeals to the consumer. But no one can challenge Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama that has already crowned itself as the king of comedies and parody. Gintama takes all aspects of building a shounen story and flips it over its head. But somehow masterfully provides us with an anime that leaves the viewer utterly entertained. It is an anime with a plot that breaks the concept of a plot in itself. And yet provides us with an anime which leaves us laughing at one moment but emotional at the next.

Gintama provides us with an amazing and colorful cast, music and amazing art directions. The fight scenes faithfully adapt to every single chapter of the Manga.

Has Gintama Ended? Is Gintama still ongoing?


Yes, the manga for the Gintama series has officially ended. The anime is still ongoing as the production studio has yet to confirm their production for the final arc.

The anime for Gintama concluded till the ‘Silver Soul’ arc which was supposedly the final arc of Gintama. But he production was put on hold because the manga didn’t conclude even after the ‘Silver Soul’ arc. With the manga now concluded we have yet to receive a proper announcement for the adaptation of the final arc.

Why is Gintama so highly rated?


The Gintama anime has a generally very high rating due to its amazing delivery of comedies and gags. The plot in itself is very amazing and the continuous switching of the anime from serious to comedic keeps the viewer thoroughly entertained. 

It is highly endeared due to its gag related tendencies and Meta humor while referencing other popular anime. It has a very colorful cast and despite having a comedic nature, dwells on the more serious issues in a person’s ordinary life. Rather than most anime which follows a generic route towards storytelling, Gintama takes a lot of different approaches towards those clichés. It gives the audience a breath of fresh air.


“The Land Of Samurai

There was a time, long time ago, when our country was called by that name.

With the arrival of ‘Amanto’ from outer space and the sword ban 20 years ago, the samurai class fell into decline.

In such hard times, there was one man left with the spirit of the samurai.

His name is Sakata Gintoki, a reckless Jack of All Trades with a Sweet Tooth.”


Gintama follows the daily life of Sakata Gintoki the Jack of All Trades. Along with him are Shimura Shinpachi the Straight Man and Kagura the Gluttonous Heroine. Witness them take on the most wackiest of jobs to make ends meet while interacting with an amazing cast of people. For instance, a terrorist, a guy wearing a duck costume, the anti-terrorist police force, ninjas and all types of craziness that can be mashed up in a whole package. Despite there being a decline of true samurais in this world invaded by the aliens, He and his gang are among the few who have not forgotten the way of samurai. They stand by their own code to stand up and live with the system that shackled the samurai spirit. 


Gintama is an anime that is rightly the king of comedies. It is an anime that parodies and makes fun of a lot of popular shounen anime. But the charm of Gintama is that it even makes of itself by saying how it sucks and has no plot to it and needs to be more original like its shounen ancestors and then become the original idea called ‘DragonBleaPiece’. From toilet humor to making fun of real life people to downright spending entire episodes trolling the viewers, Gintama is an anime that can never be predicted. 

Gintama’s Theme


Gintama is story that based off the post feudal Japan which takes its reference from real life history of Japan and adding the element of Sci-Fi by modernizing the period and adding aliens to it. The other thematic element is the samurai element to it. It shows the post war scenario for the swordsmen and how hard it is to adjust to normal life. The final element is the main reason why Gintama is so popular, the amazing comedy.


The thing that separates Gintama from the rest of the shounen anime is the story writing. The protagonist of the story Sakata Gintoki doesn’t have any dream. He is in the young-adult phase of his life as opposed to other popular shounen protagonists where the story revolves around their teenage. And they all have a big dream and work for it to make the reader connect with them. Gintama takes a different approach and we see everyone living a simple life. It makes the user feel more at ease. Gintoki doesn’t have any big dreams to become the greatest samurai or anything. He doesn’t even want to protect the country. He just wants to build a simple life, protect what he can and life by his way of the samurai. The anime shows us the different lives led by different people and how we affect the people around us. The best detail is how each chapter/episode is called ‘Lesson’. Thus each title being a small life lesson.

Overall, Gintama is an anime that is a must watch for an anime fan who wants to experience a different kind of story. 

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