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Haikyuu Chapter

Haikyuu Chapter 388 – Release Date, Speculation, Raw Scans, Where to Read & Story Updates

Haikyuu chapter 388 will likely see the cogs of its final arc falling into place. The previous chapter – chapter 387 – was a beautiful unveiling of Kageyama’s past. Most importantly, his relationship with volleyball. Chapter 387, titled as “The Greatest Teammate”, brims with the symbolism of the nature of Kageyama’s playing style. Kageyama remains a lonesome ‘King’ until he recognises his “Greatest Teammate” which pushes him towards sportsmanship – a practice alien to him. Chapter 387 acts as emotional subtext for the showdown that’ll happen between the two in Chapter 388.


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As per Viz Media’s schedule, Haikyuu’s Chapter 388 will be out on March 29th of 2020 – a Sunday. Let’s hope there aren’t any last minute delays! The chapter currently remains untitled. It will see a comeback from the Shweidan Adlers after being defeated by the MSBY Black Jackals in the first set. This marks the immense progress Hinata has made and serves as a stark contrast to their first match during middle school. The next chapter will reflect how Kageyama will adapt to Hinata and his team’s progressive play. Fans are buzzing with questions with regard to Kageyama’s answer. But this match will set the showdown between Hinata vs. Kageyama down an exciting road. The match signifies the fruit of their training and the importance of their friendship. The real answer to the match doesn’t lie in its results. But in the challenge they bring for each other. It is plausible that the Shweidan Adlers will win the second set. It would then allow the tension to culminate in the third set.


Haikyuu Chapter 388’s Raw Scans haven’t been released yet but the scans will be discussed as soon as it releases. The scans will probably release on March 27th. We cannot confirm this and it remains a speculation based on our analysis of previous releases. We will update this section as soon as its out.


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You may access the last three latest chapters of Haikyuu for free on Viz Media’s Shounen Jump section on its official website. There are Shounen Jump applications available for your comfort. The official distributers of the manga are Viz Media’s Shounen Jump and Shueisha’s Manga Plus. We recommend you to choose the legal distributers to offer solidarity to the work and time the creators put in.


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Chapter 387 delves into Kageyama’s childhood and traces his love for volleyball. The chapter establishes the fact that Kageyama’s volleyball training begins at 10 months under the guidance of his grandfather who is a volleyball coach. It highlights the love blooming within Kageyama towards volleyball. But what one takes away from this chapter is what his grandfather tells him. He urges Kageyama to train and become stronger. But as he does so, there will come a time where he will encounter someone stronger than him – his greatest opponent. These flashbacks ease into Kageyama’s mind as realisation dawns that Hinata is his “Greatest Teammate”. He fully recognises Hinata as the greatest opponent his grandfather had told him about.


Hinata Shoyo is mesmerised by his idol ‘The Little Giant’ who despite his short height stands tall in the field of volleyball. Hinata hopes to become like him and lights up the passionate in his heart. His determination perseveres through the defeat he faces at the hands of the ‘Genius Setter’ Kageyama in middle school. Hinata dreams of making his comeback in high school and to his immense surprise, the Genius Setter turns out to be on his team in Karasuno high school. The story navigates Hinata’s dream through his rivalry and friendship with Kageyama along with the hurdles Karasuno High face as a team.

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