Hunter x Hunter: Plot Summary and FAQ

Hunter x Hunter is an action shonen series based on a boy named Gon Freecs. His quest is to find his father, Ging Freecs, who is a legendary Hunter. That is, the world knows him through his discoveries. The anime features Gon’s daunting task to find his father.

What is a Hunter in Hunter x Hunter anime?


Hunting is a profession in which a person looks for a particular treasure, explores an unexplored land or finds a new species. To become a Hunter, one must pass the fearsome Hunter exam. Moreover, a hunter’s job is also to help preserve the discovered sanctuaries and endangered species.

The Hunter Association conducts the hunter exam. Furthermore, their job consists of arresting criminals or in some cases, fellow hunters.

Code of Conduct

  1. Hunters must be on the hunt for something.
  2. They must have a basic understanding of martial arts, which includes nen.
  3. Once a Hunter license is issued, it cannot be revoked.
  4. Hunters must not target other hunters unless they have committed a serious crime.

Hunters have to follow this basic code of conduct. And these are the principles which defines and separate them from the civilians.



It is said that power scaling in Hunter x Hunter is the most well defined of all anime. The power scaling in HxH is known as Nen. To clarify, Nen or Aura is a technique which allows one to manipulate life energy. It consists of four basic principles and is a basic requirement of a person if they want to become a hunter. They are: Ten, Zetsu, Ren and Hatsu.

Ten: It is the ability to shroud one in its aura. Ten is the basic principle of Nen. It serves as a defensive measure against other Nen attacks.

Zetsu: It is the ability to stop the flow of ones aura.  If a user keeps on using ten, he’ll eventually lose his life energy. One uses zetsu to maintain his life energy.

Ren: It is an application of ten. It is the ability to increase the release of one’s aura.

Hatsu: It is one’s expression of Nen. This creates special and unique paranormal abilities.

Types of Nen 


There are 6 different types of Nen users:

  1. Enhancement
  2. Transmutant
  3. Conjuration
  4. Emission
  5. Manipulation
  6. Specialisation

The method to define your Nen affinity is by Water Divination. For that, one requires a glass of water and leaf floating on it. In addition, the person has to place his arms around it and perform Ren. Consequently, there is a different reaction for different types of Nen users.

  • Enhancers: Water starts to overflow.
  • Transmutators: Taste of water changes.
  • Conjurer: Impurities appear in water
  • Emitter: Colour of water changes
  • Manipulator: Leaf moves on water’s surface
  • Specialist: A different change occurs.



They are the type of Nen users who use offensive and defensive abilities in balance. Enhancement is the most balanced ability. Therefore, they depend on physical strength in a combat. Moreover, it is observed that enhancer’s abilities are considered as the basic application of Nen techniques. For example, our protagonist, Gon Freecs, is an Enhancer.



A person having affinity as a transmutator means that he can change his aura to mimic something else or any attribute. Thus, altering the shape of someone’s aura falls in this category. Often, transmutation is mistaken as conjuration. However, the main difference is that a Conjurer’s aura completely transforms into a substance while a transmutator’s aura mimics the substance. Killua Zoldyk is the most notable transmutator along with Hisoka.



Emitter affinity means that user can separate their aura from their bodies. Although, the aura becomes weak when it leaves the body, emitters can maintain it for a longer period of time. Due to its properties, emission is related to long range attacks. The attacks are often with long lasting effects. Leorio Paradinight is the most notable emitter in the series.



It is the ability of an aura to create individual substances. It is almost identical to the original one. Conjuration is the only way in which a non aura user can see Nen based objects. This ability is the weakest of all. According to Nen chart, a conjurer can only master transmutation.



A manipulator aura has the ability to manipulate living or non living things around him. They are feared the most. In other words, a fight is over as soon as the user meets the conditions. Manipulator can pour most aura into an object. Most of their Nen abilities can be triggered from long distances.



Their Nen abilities cannot be described as any of the above and are rare. And no other group can learn a Specialist’s ability. No other Nen type can use their Nen like a specialist would. It is unknown how a Nen user develops specialist ability. Meruem is the most notable character belonging to this type.

After clearing the topic of power scaling, we now move further for some Q&A.

Is the Hunter x Hunter anime over?

Yes, the anime has finished the story of Hunter x Hunter. Anime is completed. But, the manga is still ongoing. The anime ended after 148 episodes where Gon and Ging have a father-son bonding. While the manga focuses on Dark Continent and aftermath of Hunter Association Chairman Election. 

Who is the strongest character in HxH?

Meruem is the strongest character in HxH world. He was easily able to defeat Netero. Although, it was stated he wasn’t even at half of his strength. He could’ve easily conquered the world and become a tyrant. Since, Meruem was a specialist his basic ability includes aura synthesis. He gains more strength as he devours Nen users.

Will Hunter x Hunter continue again?

The series first ran in weekly Shonen Jump 1998. However, the series has gone into too many hiatus. In addition, a person has uploaded a hiatus chart. Shuesha published its issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The update held a news interview with Togashi. And it was there the artist revealed whether he’s finished Hunter x Hunter story behind the scenes. “I need to finish writing Hunter x Hunter,” Togashi admitted. “It has come to the point where either the story concludes first or I die before that happens. But I do intend to finish it.”

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