India wants anime knowsenpai
India wants anime knowsenpai

Anime in India! The Movement That Took The Anime Community By A Storm

It’s a great deal for Anime in India

The # Indiawantsanime movement for the Indian anime community was started in April by a group of Indian anime youtube content creators. AnimeTmTalks, following the tweet teasing the release of anime movie “Tenki no Ko” posted by the director of the movie, Makoto Shinkai on the 10th of April, 2019.

makoro shinkai tweet weathering with you

The ‘Indiawantsanime’ movement gained a surprising amount of traction and shook stereotypes about India not having an anime audience. The hashtag didn’t just catch the public eye but also tickled the fancy of several large content creators and celebrities. It blew up massively with people making videos about the hashtag. Even small and upcoming creators did their part urging their audience to share the hashtag.


6 months ago Divisth Pancholi started a petition to get the movie “Tenki no Ko” to India. Soon after, AnimeTmTalks, AnimeMirchi and Knowsenpai along with several other creators made videos about the hashtag and the petition. The videos got massive amounts of views and the hashtag got a significant boost. As of right now, the hashtag has got over five thousand posts on Instagram. Furthermore, They have gone significantly popular on twitter as well with countless tweets. Following the popularity of the hashtag, the petition started getting large amounts of signatures. As of the date of the publishing of the article, the petition stands tall with over 50,000 signatures. People all over the country came out in support of the movement. Needless to say, it is still going strong. The petition even had articles about it published by famous anime websites like Crunchyroll

weathering with you in India petition

Senpai noticed us:

The real fun starts on the 18th of April, 2019 when the director of the movie, Makoto Shinkai himself responds to Indian otaku cries. His tweet reads:

makoto shinkai tweet india
 Thank you for your warm voices. I would
be very happy if I could release "Tenki no
ko" in India. I myself don't have a right to
decide, anyway I gonna talk to our Japanese
distribution company

This very tweet broke down communication walls between the fans the studio. Makoto Shinkai later responded saying that the petition was quite convincing. As a result, he talked to Comix Wave Films about releasing the movie in India.


The movement proved to be quite successful. It created an open line of communication between the studio and the public. We are lucky to be living in a time where the gap between corporate and public can be bridged by a simple hashtag. As of today, the studio execs are still figuring out the logistics of releasing the movie here. No new information has surfaced, but we will be sure to keep you updated. Although, we are hopeful of its release and for the release of many more films to come.

Source: Makoto Shinkai official 

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