The THUS SPOKE KISHIBE ROHAN OVA episodes will screen across Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Sendai, and Omiya. The Voice Actor of Roshan Kishibe Takahiro Sakurai will be voicing the man of mischief himself. He will also attend the screenings and appear on stage. With the screenings starting on December 8th. Advance tickets for the limited theatrical run will go on sale starting on October 2nd.

We thought we were done with JoJo but turns out it is not done with us. “THUS SPOKE KISHIBE ROHAN ” one-shot chapters animation will take place. It was announced yesterday. Most probably they will release in December this year. There were 2 OVA which premiered last year in Japan. It got so much praise. Therefore, they will create more one-shot chapter animations.


OVA means original video animation. The one-shot is manga chapters. The story is wrapped up in 50-60 pages. So, Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe is the first Jojo OVA to be released in over a decade. The animated version of the one-shots “Millionaire Village and Mutsu-kabe Hill ” were released right after Diamond is Unbreakable ended. Their art style matches the style used in the manga itself.

The plot

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan follows the solo adventures of Morioh’s own mangaka Rohan Kishibe. As he studies people and places alike while working on something new every now. The characters from DIU might make an appearance. The stories are separated from the original storyline of Diamond IS Unbreakable. It often involves Rohan & his stand “Heaven’s Door”. It resembles a small boy similar to Rohan’s manga character, Pink Dark Boy. Not a combat type stand, but useful for gathering intel on others. Heaven’s door subdues people which enables Rohan to read about the people and every deed they did in the past like a manga itself.

For fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure:

Animation of the following episodes will take place:

  • Episode 16: At a Confessional
  • Episode 9 : The Run

Although the stories of the one shots make sense when they are in a chronological order after the release. They will release it just like the manga version.


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