Long Hope philia (Friends) BNHA Music Video Released

Shonen Jump is celebrating BNHA’s 5th anniversary. With an official kribaki centric music video set to the song ” Long Hope philia”.

As we already know, the first Boku no hero movie (My Hero Academia: Two Heroes) came out last year. Long Hope philia was the opening song of the movie. Also, the 5th ending theme of the Boku no hero anime.

The series has got a brand new opening and also, a new ending. The new opening is ” Make my story” by Lenny code. The ending is Long hope firia by Masaki Suda.

Watch the ending, Long Hope Philia by clicking here.

Long Hope Philia (Firia) – The Song

Hiromu Akita has composed the song. Also, Hiromu Akita wrote the song. Hiromu Akita is associated with the band Amazarashi. The 3rd opening theme, Sora ni Utaeba is also performed by Hiromu Akita.

Its been 5 years of Boku no hero academia. So, on the 5th Anniversary of our beloved anime Boku no hero, Shonen jump surprised the fans by releasing the music video. The BNHA fandom couldn’t be happier.

Long Hope Philia (Firia) – The Video

The video is titled “ Friends “. The video is about Bakugou, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero’s friendship.

The music video contains 3D images of the main characters of the show. 
Long Hope Firia the video
Then there are manga panels in the Video.
Long Hope Firia the video

The Lyrics:

 "I should have rescued but got rescued instead, my hand that was going to hold you got held instead" 

“philia” means a fondness or a strong inclination towards something, like hydrophilia or Francophilia.

As we already know that the 3rd season has left us fans in a cliffhanger. But now, we have a picture of Eri-San (Manga readers will know this UwU)

Hopefully, let the 4th season give us the same energy with the previous seasons.

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