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Low Budget Aizawa Cosplay. How to’s and suggestions

Senpai brings you a low budget cosplay. As anime fans, one always wishes to cosplay a character they love at a low budget. But lacks the push to do so because cosplay seems to be an inaccessible form of art. But guess what?

Here is a chance to make your own low budget cosplay of Aizawa Sensei!

With the guidance of budding cosplayer Janvi Negi. We attempt to bring you close to the field of low budget cosplay. Something that any otaku hindered by obstacles of money or lack of guidance will find handy. Here’s a look at her own Aizawa cosplay and by the end. you will also be able to make something similar!

Low Budget Aizawa Cosplay.

Cosplay is an intrinsic part of the anime culture prevalent in the world. Cosplay is a form of art that helps bring those characters you see on your screen back to life. The exercise of skills, creativity, and artistic talent brings life to these characters – not only through looks but cosplayers – who practice this form of art – add on by indulging in actions that make the character who it is. The excitement that comes with seeing a cosplay or even the thrill of attempting to cosplay never escapes an anime fan. All it takes is that push and guidance so here are steps to create an Aizawa cosplay at the low budget:


  • Take a black turtleneck full sleeve T-shirt as seen in the picture. The turtleneck full sleeve T-shirt is of sweater material. This covers the top half. If not, one can make use of a round neck or V-neck black full sleeve tshirt. As the scarf would cover the neck portion anyway.
  • For the bottom, you can take a black palazzo along with black socks and stuck the black palazzo in. It will give it the baggy effect that Aizawa’s outfit gives off.

Note: Janvi suggests that Black Palazzo’s are available at Lajpat Nagar market in Delhi for just 200. The turtleneck sweater cost her around 500.

Alternative: A Jumpsuit can also act as an alternative for the full sleeve t-shirt and palazzo but she advises that Jumpsuits are hard to work with and not to mention, expensive, therefore, beating the purpose of a low budget cosplay.


For the scarf, first cut out strips of cardboard of 60cm length. One can use an old Amazon cardboard box or any box lying around.

low budget cosplay
cut out strips of cardboard of 60cm length

Once the cardboard strips are made, take an old grey t-shirt or a grey fabric and cut them. Into strips slightly longer than that of the cardboard so it is easier to fold around and stick them.

Glue the cardboard to the grey fabric with fabric glue or if possible, you can sew the fabric together with the cardboard between them. Once you stick the cardboard to the fabric, fold the fabric around the sides.

low budget cosplay
old the fabric around the sides of the cardboard.

Note: Grey Fabric or any kind of fabric can be found in the Indirapuram Market in Ghaziabad. The cost of fabric glue only amounts to 15 rupees usually.

Janvi has also advised not to staple the fabric together.


  • To make the belt, get some black fabric from your old clothes. Cut the fabric out in the shape of a belt. To add some consistency, you may stick it to an old belt you have so it stays around your hips. You can also use a black belt itself.
  • For the pockets on the belt, you can use the cardboard soap boxed or anything similar you may find which can be wrapped in grey fabric and stick to the belt.


  • In case one has hair till the collar bone, you can work with it to make it tangled and slightly messy.
  • If not, one can get cheap black wigs from AliExpress or anywhere near them. As Aizawa’s messy hair won’t take much effort with a cheap tangled wig.

low budget cosplay

Now, you have your very own Aizawa cosplay that you can work with at home without the hassle of spending too much money!

We’d like to thank Janvi Negi who experiments with the materials she has around and uses her creativity to make cosplaying more accessible to any otaku – just like you and me! Along with hard work and effort, cosplay always adds joy!

Don’t forget to follow Janvi on her Instagram –

Keep looking out for more posts from Senpai.

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