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Made in Abyss Review

Do you have a conception of God? The people around here, you see, don’t believe in God. Do you know what is it they believe in? The answer is this place – the Abyss itself.”

Made in Abyss is one of the most beautiful anime I’ve ever watched and that is not a hyperbole. To understand the tone of the show one can compare it to the very popular, “Stranger Things”, meaning, it has a very mysterious and dark tone masked precisely by the childish innocence and humour of the characters.

Made in Abyss | KnowSenpai


A large endless fault in the Earth suddenly appeared on an island city of “Orth”. For years people tried to find its origin and the end to the hole but failed to surface. The economy of this city thrives from these “cave raiders” who manage to come back with relics excavated from there. They named the fault, the “Abyss”.

Made in Abyss | KnowSenpai


The plot revolves around a small girl named Riko, an orphan and a robot boy named Reg, who set off on an adventure to the bottom of the Abyss to find Riko’s mother.

Made in abyss is animated beautifully and more often than not it feels like you’re watching a Ghibli movie. The soundtrack is great and fits the show perfectly. The best attributes of this anime is the pacing, it is so well done that it demands respect. The dark and mysterious undertone beautifully contrasts with the innocence of Riko and the purity of childhood. The Abyss provides a gorgeous animation opportunity and an endless world of fantasy and wonder, it harbors intriguing creatures and a dynamic weather and landscape pattern that changes along with each layer of the Abyss.

It’s an amazing show that I would recommend to anyone who loves fantasy, mystery, and adventure, the wholesomeness is just a cherry on top.

Made in Abyss | KnowSenpai

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