My Hero Academia : Chapter 265 Release Date, Speculations and Where to Read

My Hero Academia Chapter 265 is right around the corner. Therefore, we believe that the fandom would love to indulge in some recreational reading for its details and speculations. The previous chapter saw the Heroes gaining ground over the battle. Soon, an intense showdown begins to take place between Hawks and Twice – a battle wrought by betrayal and manipulation. Fans continue to feel the quakes of this battle as they wait in anticipation for Chapter 265.


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As per Viz Media’s weekly schedule, Chapter 265 of My Hero Academia will be released on 22nd March, 2020. There’s no official title given yet. The previous chapter 264 was released on March 15, 2020 and there seems to be no delay reported in its schedule so gear up!


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The Raw Scans for Chapter 265 were released yesterday and by the looks of it, the chapter seems to imbibe the intense tone from its previous chapter. The chapter seems to look bleak in terms of Hawks’ probability in winning against Dabi. The main focus of this chapter rests on characters like Tamaki Amajiki, Fatgum, Tokoyami and Redestro. Fans can expect Tamaki Amajiki leading the assault with his quirk Manifest along with Fatgum using his Fat Absorption Quirk to tackle opponents easily. Tokoyami and a group of heroes barge into the PLF Underground Assembly where Redestro is holding a meeting. A Tokoyami vs Redestro fight has been confirmed. Finally, Dabi’s interruption of Hawks vs. Twice at the end of the previous chapter does not have any positive consequence for Hawks. Dabi seems to defeat Hawks but the climax hints towards Hawks’ comeback.


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The Raw Scans seem to show some integral aspects of the chapter. But we have certain speculations regarding the chapter and the story based on this information. We speculate that Tokoyami will be able to defeat Redestro. Redestro may be one of the top 10 strongest villains in the story right now. But, Tokoyami has proved himself to be an insanely powerful fighter and his development keeps getting better. The previous chapter saw Heroes gaining an upper hand but the villains seem to be entering the scenes. Once villains like Gigantomachia enter the story – the next few chapters will see he heroes struggle for a bit. Their winning streak might wane for a bit.


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The previous chapter – 264 – seemed to be quite pro-Hero keeping in mind the shifting dynamics of the raid. The Heroes surround the villains and destroy all their escape routes. Redestro holds a meeting in the Underground Assembly Hall. But, this meeting plunges into chaos once the Heroes raid it. Villains start panicking after seeing Heroes charge towards them. Cementoss, Kaminari and Edgeshot ease the raid through their powers. Cementoss melts the building so heroes can use their powers more efficiently. Furthermore, Kaminari  uses his electricity to fend off the villains in battle while Edgeshot puts – Thousand Sheet Price – his most lethal attack to use. Meanwhile, while restraining Twice, Hawks reveals how he was able to relay the confidential information regarding the villains to the Heroes. Overwhelmed by feelings of betrayal Twice begins to engage Hawks in battle by cloning. Their fight is then interrupted by Dabi in the end.


Chapter 265 will be available on Viz Media and Shuiesha’s Shonen Jump official websites and applications. It is best to invest in the legal platforms and say no to privacy to encourage the creators. You may also buy the hard copy of the manga from Amazon. My Hero Academia is available till Volume 24 on Amazon. The story is currently compiling its 27th Volume.

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