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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 24 – Release Date, Where to Watch, Spoilers & Speculation

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 24 is bound to draw the fans back into the story for its conclusion and the possible direction its heading for its likely return in Season 5. Although, Season 5 is not confirmed yet. However, the intensity and emotional evocation Season 4 managed to deliver will warrant a demand for another season by fans. The previous episode brought respite from the perpetual anxiety that dictated most events throughout the season. The episode is satisfactory in its lack of trauma or action sequences. And most importantly, its indulgence in the emotional facet of its characters. Here are some details for the upcoming 24th episode of the season for you to hold onto –


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As per its streaming partners’ schedules, My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 24 will release on a Saturday – the 28th of March, 2020 at 5:30 PM JST (Japanese Standard Time). Let’s hope there aren’t any delays or tweaking in the schedule that might disrupt our wait. You may follow the official media accounts of Crunchyroll or Funimation for updates. These two are their main streaming partners. In addition, Crunchyroll’s website will soon release its schedule for March 28th, 2020.



My Hero Academia Season 4 has multiple streaming partners where you can proceed to watch it. This requires one to be a subscriber – of course. The show’s latest season is available on Hulu, Animelan, Funimation, Crunchyroll, VRV and Amazon. Amazon is offering a free trial. One may also access Crunchyroll for My Hero Academia but it does not simulcast – therefore, one will have to wait till the 4th of April to access the 24th episode.

For all those Indian Otakus, Hulu is your option. It is highly important for us to support the legal streaming services for them to realise that they have market here in India. If unable to access these, you may wait for Netflix India to update its library with Season 4. Small prices to pay for the bigger reward!



Season 4 Episode 24’s preview was released along with Episode 23. The preview confirms The Winged Hero : Hawks appearance in the episode. Manga fans have been looking forward to his entry into the anime and the climax of Season 4 is a perfect way to enunciate his significance in the upcoming events. Along with this, it seems that Episode 24 will focus on the rankings of Heroes that has fluctuated with the retirement of All Might. Subsequently, the shifting nature of the position of Heroes is likely to send ripples in the shape of the world order. The preview hints towards Endeavour bagging the position of Number One Pro-Hero. A world without All Might as its Number One Pro-Hero is difficult to digest. But, something one must get accustomed to.

The anticipation is reflective of the excitement fans have to know where their Heroes stand after the intense battles that took place during the season and helped in their characterisation. We speculate that Eri’s liberation and Chisaki’s fate is a seismic event whose repercussions will result in an alliance or retaliation from the Villains in the coming time. Above all, we will probably see the introduction of new Pro-Heroes as a compensation for All Might’s absence – ones that will help against the impending terror that may befall the Heroes.


Episode 23 acts as a remedy of-sorts for the stressful and traumatic events that afflicted the students of U.A High School and the Pro-Heroes. Deku was able to foil Gentle Criminal’s plan to attack during U.A High School’s school festival. Despite the uncertainty of Gentle Criminal and La Brava’s future – an understanding strikes between Gentle Criminal and Deku in the wake of the former’s defeat. Deku warms up to him as Gentle Criminal discloses his history. Meanwhile, Gentle Criminal arrives at self-reflection.

Soon after, Deku returns to the school festival where the main anticipation stems from Class 1-A’s upcoming musical performance. However, the musical performance turns out to be beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. The audience succumbs to this serenade. The band uses their Quirks in an attempt to enhance their performance – to its success. The event is a testament to the peak creativity and animation style displayed by Studio Bones. Moreover, the highlight of this lies in the beautiful genuine smile that Eri flashes out of happiness. To clarify, a feeling she probably felt for the first time in a long while.

We, at Knowsenpai, are dedicated towards bringing you the latest news for your comfort and interest. If you’re a manga fan as well – here is our update on the new chapter of My Hero Academia!


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