My Hero Academia Updates

Senpai is here to give you all My Hero Academia Updates, also known as Boku No Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. The movie hits in Japan Cinemas on December 20th of this year!

*Might contain spoilers*

Hopefully, let the 4th season of My Hero Academia give us the same energy with the previous seasons.

Plot Of MHA:

SMAAASH! We already know about the Plot of My Hero Academia. For you guys who don’t know this anime, it’s a shounen anime. Over 80% of the population inherit powers so-called as ‘Quirks’. Our main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya is born without a quirk meaning he’s quirkless. Midoriya’s dream is to become a hero just like the number 1 hero: All Might (Toshinori Yagi).

If you've completed the 3rd season, a small sneak peek was previewed at the end of the final episode. 


The story takes place on a cold winter’s night where the snow continues to fall. Shigaraki Tomurra plans to destroy all of hero society as the leader of the League of Villains. As the battles between Heroes and Villians still go on, he leaves the room.

During that time, Deku and the other students of Class 1-A are told by the retired No. 1 Hero, All Might, that they will be part of a project to raise the next generation of heroes. They are sent to do hero work for a short time at a warm island south of Japan.

Deku and the others are stationed within the island to work as heroes to help with the daily lives of citizens on the island, and while their schedule is busy, they have time to relax as well.

However, that calm is soon disturbed as villains suddenly made their appearance on the Island by destroying the facilities around the island. The main villain who commands them goes by the name Nine.

Deku, Bakugo and the Class 1-A will need to combine their strength to defeat the villain Nine! What is Nine’s goal after all? Will Deku and the Class A so-called ‘New Heroes’ protect the citizens of this Island from the villain Nine?


Deku, Bakugo are the main characters of this movie taking on villain Nine, and no-no, this is not a spoiler. If you’ve watched the PV, you’ll know.

Villain Nine’s quirk is still unknown to us and we might know it once we watch the movie or later get to know by watching the future PV.

Let’s keep our hopes enlightened by squeezing our buttocks and screaming, “SMAASH!”

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KnowSenpai will keep you all updated with the latest My Hero Academia Updates.

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