Olympic 2020 Brand Ambassador Goku

Olympic year 2020 will be having the anime theme and Goku as its Brand Ambassador.

2020 will be the year of the olympics where it is officialy announced that goku will be the brand ambassador of the

Not only goku but other characters will be the mascots there which is really cool there will be a bunch of characters like Pikachu,sailor moon etc.

this announcement was hinted when the japenese prime minister announced in the rio olympics in 2016,that 2020 will be an important year for the japenese culture

As i mentioned earlier Goku will be the main charcter there but there will be alot of characters such as Naruto,Luffy Mario,etc. where as i think this is a great deal for anime lovers and anime creators because

its grown to a level where its going to be recognized by millions of other people who dont even watch them which i think is really awesome and really really exciting.

this is great way to make people watch the olympics. i mean those nerds who dont watch anything besides anime might watch the olympics for goku or their favourite anime character.

so yeah this is it for now
Source : Otaku Arena

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