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One piece is the highest selling manga written by a single author. It has sold over 454 million copies around the world. Mangaka Eiichiro Oda has been writing One Piece since past 20 years. It is of the most consistent and longest-running anime and manga of all time. The main attraction of One Piece is its intriguing and vast universe which has built-in this course of 20 years. It revolves around the pirate Monkey D Luffy, who aspires to become the Pirate King.

One Piece serves us with moments of excellence, exciting action scenes, a very emotional story and some beautiful yet epic music throughout the nonstop action-packed episodes. It has received great praise for its storytelling, art, characterization, and humor. Several chapters have even broken the publishing records. Further, it even holds the Guinness Book of World Record for most copies published for a single comic.

In Senpai’s One piece review, we’ll start with the premise of One piece.

One Piece Review


In GIF: Franky, Nico Robin, Sanji, Brook (Upper line from left)
Tony Tony Chopper, Zoro, Luffy, Usopp, Nami. (Bottom line from left)

The series mainly focuses on a young aspiring Pirate known as Monkey D Luffy. He has a dream to become the king of pirates and conquer the Grand Line to eventually find the great treasure known as One Piece. Tagging along with him are his crewmates. They have their own separate dreams and aspirations. Together they form a rag-tag team of pirates and set off on a journey to achieve their goals.



A variety of races such as Fishmen, dwarves, giants, milkmen etc inhabit the world of One Piece. Talking about this one piece review, we’d cover the setting of the anime first. The world is covered by two vast oceans, which is divided by a huge mountain range called the Red Line. It is subsequently divided by an ocean running perpendicular to it called the Grand Line. Two huge ocean currents called calm belts to surround the Grand Line. Giant sea monsters called Sea Kings inhabit the calm belts in large numbers. Moreover, there are several other factors such as unpredictable weather and rapidly changing ocean currents. Thus making it impossible to cross to the Grand Line.

The world of One Piece comprises of 4 oceans: East Blue, West Blue, North Blue, South Blue.



The sheer volume of the series has given it a chance to explore a variety of themes. However, the core theme of the show revolves around how society should exist. A society free from all kinds of discrimination and where everyone has the free will to take their decisions in life. The anime also abundantly explores the concept of family. Not necessarily the people related by blood but, the friends and bonds you make along the way. Only the closest ones, at your time of despair, are the ones who come up to fight alongside you. Not to mention, the most important sub-theme of One Piece is that dreams never die, we just have to stay focused. Overall, One Piece can be summarized as an anime with several sub-themes woven around it beautifully. This enhances the plot to a greater extent.

That’s all for the One piece review, we move on to some FAQS.

Who is the strongest person in One Piece?

one piece review
In Image: Gol D.Roger.

The strongest person in one piece is Gol D Roger. “Wealth, fame and power, one man who had everything in his life, pirate king Gold Roger.” These are the lines, which was said during his execution. Gol D Roger accomplished something which no pirate ever could. He conquered the Grand Line and became the King of Pirates. Right before his execution, he gave away the location of all of his wealth and treasure. The one who finds this treasure will be hailed the King of Pirates. This is how he left behind his legacy. And thus, began the new era of pirates.

Although his strengths and feats are still unknown, Roger Pirates have accomplished so much that he can easily be regarded as the strongest person in One Piece universe.

*Spoiler* The strongest character in One Piece is relative, as the strengths of all characters yet to be seen. However, according to me the strongest character in One Piece is Shanks. He easily walked in the ‘Battle of Best’ after intercepting Kaido and stopped the war single-handed. Its is the same war where people like ‘Garp the Hero’, ‘Sengoku the Buddha’, ‘Blackbeard’ (with two devil fruits), three Admirals and the ‘Shichibukai’ (the seven warlords) fought.

one piece review
In GIF: Shanks.

Is Luffy the strongest pirate?

one piece review
In GIF: Luffy.

No Luffy is not the strongest pirate yet. According to Echiro Oda, Luffy has completed 80% of his journey and we still haven’t seen him defeat a single ‘Yonko’ let alone be the strongest. But if he wants to achieve the title of king of pirates and become the Pirate King, we need to see Luffy as the strongest person in one piece. As becoming a pirate king, you need to accomplish what Gol D Roger did.

What is the strongest devil fruit in one piece?

one piece review
In GIF: Rayleigh and Borsalino/Admiral Kizaru.

Strongest devil fruit is the one which takes less time to master and gives high power. Basically, the world of One Piece has these mysterious fruits. They give the person who consumes their unique abilities. The strongest devil fruit is also relative. According to me, the strongest devil fruit is ‘Pika Pika Nomi’ i.e. ‘Light Light fruit’. It gives the user the power to control, create and transform light at will. The extended abilities include firing lasers and partial transformation which enables the user to attack at the speed of light causing devastating effects.

This was Senpai’s One Piece review.

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