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Parasyte: The Maxim Review

Parasyte: The Maxim review follows the stereotypical sci-fi action anime tropes. Manages to be unique in its deep-seated philosophy. It’s about human wrath, emotions and the worth of human life.

Parasyte: The Maxim | KnowSenpai


The story Parasyte: The Maxim review follows the life of Shinichi Izumi. Shenzhen Izumi is a highschool student, attacked by a parasite in his sleep. The parasites are an alien life form. They enter and eat the human brain and replace the entire head with its own body. After that, they control the human body. Shinichi manages to evade the parasite entering his brain but it bonds with his right hand instead. Migi, the parasite and Shinchi have to learn to co-exist and ensure their safety from whatever could harm their existence.

Parasyte: The Maxim | KnowSenpai


The writing of Parasyte: The Maxim review anime is so fascinating. It offers differing views on a topic without being wrong which is quite evident. When Migi and Shinchi are on the opposite sides about a topic. The value of human life is a big plot point in the anime. It is seen from the perspective of different species. Humans, a man-eating superior alien species and victims of human wrath. This, in turn, creates a panoramic and mosaic viewpoint. It leaves one to ponder about their own actions towards animals or other humans.

The show leaves you wondering whether we’d be accepting of a superior species? if they treated us like we treat every other species, sometimes even our own.

Some of the dialogues are so hard-hitting. They make you realize that even if man-eating aliens existed on the planet, maybe we’d still be the evilest species to ever walk this Earth. The one that stands out is :

Shinichi, upon researching the concept of demons, I believe that, among all life, humans are the closest thing to it. Although humans kill and eat a wide variety of life forms. My kind eats merely one or two kinds at most. We are quite frugal in comparison.


This is why I love the show so much. See it for what it actually is rather than thinking about it as another Tokyo ghoul rehash.

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Parasyte: The Maxim Review
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