Roronoa Zoro : Character Analysis

Roronoa Zoro is the first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates. He wants to become the strongest swordsman in the One Piece world. Roronoa Zoro functions as the vice captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, there is so much to his character than we all know. He joined the Straw Hat Pirates in episode two. He is strong,serious and scary. So let us see his in depth character analysis.



As a child, Roronoa Zoro joined a dojo. There he learned swordsmanship and displayed his great skill. He beat everyone except the dojo master’s daughter Kuina. Both of them shared the same dream, to become the world’s greatest swordsmen. They promised each other that one of them should achieve this dream. However, Kuina ended up dying in an accident. Taking up Kuina’s sword and his ambition to a greater level, Roronoa Zoro began his journey to become the best. In his early years, he became a very strong pirate hunter. Feared by many, he was captured by Axe Hand Morgan for defending a little girl. He would’ve been executed if not for the new pirate Monkey D. Luffy who rescued him.Thus, began the adventures of the Straw Hat pirates.



In the earlier episodes of East Blue, it was difficult to understand the character of Zoro. However,  after his fight with Dracule Mihawk, we all got to know what his dream actually means. Acknowledged by the world’s strongest swordsman Hawk Eyes Mihawk, we get to know what his character is.

“If I can’t even protect my captain’s dream, then whatever ambition I have is nothing but talk…”

He was ready to put his pride on the line to help his captain. He is the most loyal crewmate. This is visible in many instances throughout the series. After his fight with Bartolomeo Kuma in Thriller Bark, he took the Luffy’s injuries to save his life. Not to mention, he was injured and fatigued due to his fight with Ryuma and Oars. When further asked how he was injured, he said “Nothing happened”. To sum it in other words, he didn’t want to tell anyone. This implies his selfless nature.

He is a born killer, capable of showing no mercy during combat. While many consider him as a demon, some are just scared by his glare. He showed no hesitation to even kill a Celestial Dragon. This just shows us his ruthless and nerve racking nature.


“A scar on the back is a swordsman’s shame”

This is his moral code. The overall complexity of his character can be summed from this. Here the mangaka Echiro Oda wants to convey us a message. We should not run from our problems. Showing someone back and running away is the most shameful deed one can commit. 

“Others are lost”

He is shown to have no sense of direction. His inability to see through directions comes innately from his straightforward nature.  This has become a running gag to such an extent that he is unable to tell the difference between left and right.



Wielding one of the most unique sword style, Santoryu (Three Swords Style), Zoro has undergone gruesome training. Further, after the time-skip he has mastered Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki) and the Busoshoku Baki(Armament Haki).Even without his swords, he has monstrous strength. At a very young age, he was able to lift boulders over his head for training and during his regular training regiment, he would constantly train with heavy weights.

Overall, he is able to lift and toss an entire building. He managed to absorb all of the damage and fatigue Luffy had accumulated, including the damage inflicted to him during his fights with Oars and Ryuma during the Thriller Bark Arc. This is very impressive as Kuma had stated to him that he was already close to death. Taking in Luffy’s pain and fatigue in addition to his would definitely kill him. However, he managed to not only survive but remark afterward that “Nothing Happened” when questioned by Sanji.

When it comes to fighting, he is a core part of The Monster Trio. Being able to one shot pacifista, cut pica in half, withstand a head on slash from Mihawk. These are some of his greatest feats.

Santoryu: The Zoro Special

Zoro first developed Nitoryu(Two Swords Style) when he first yielded his sword. Kuina defeated him 2000 times, yet he challenged her one more time. However this time he wanted to fight with real swords. That was their last bout as she died afterwards. Upon hearing the news, he took her sword Wado Ichimonji to carry out their dream. Thus, he developed his famous three sword style or Santoryu. He usually places the Wado Ichimonji sword in his mouth when using santoryu. When he uses Nitoryu or one sword style, he uses the same sword in his hand.

Roronoa Zoro : Conclusion


If I were to draw a conclusion based on his character, I can sum him up as an intimidating, direction blind and bad-ass swordsman. Easily one of the strongest characters of one piece.

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