What are seasonal anime? Best seasonal anime 2019

Seasonal anime will automatically be released in the next season. It could either be a year or a different quarter of the same year.

Seasonal anime are different from what the hardcore anime fans commonly refer to as a “Cour”. A cour is used to measure the length of an anime series. In a broad sense, a single cour has a total of 14 episodes at max. That run during a three-month period that coincides with the seasons. That’s why one cour belongs to either the Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall season.

Unlike season, cour is technical in its own way. Well, the season could mean 2 things series which have multiple seasons planned or a series which has a first and last episode and it has finished airing. Some of the examples of the latter are, Steins Gate a sci-fi thriller (24 eps). Violet Evergarden (13) a slice of life drama, Inuyashiki a psychological seinen (12 eps) and Parasyte psychological horror drama (24eps)

We will discuss the seasonal anime of 2019, which have finished airing.

1) Dororo: (24 episodes)

Based on the hit manga series by the god of manga Osamu Tezuka, was released this year, although the first anime series was broadcast between April and September 1969, this was the 2nd version of it and the tone of the show was comparatively darker than the manga itself but unlike the original series had a very light ending. It follows the story of Daimyo who makes a pact with the devil to save his land and in return, they ask for an offer. Daigo gives up his newborn son, and leaves him to die but is saved by a prosthetic maker/ healer. We come to know that the son named “Hyakkimaru” lacks body parts which he will gain after slaying demons, he is not alone because he’ll be joined by a kid thief named Dororo. Heartwarming stuff is full of jaw-dropping moments.

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2) Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru/ Run with the wind: (24 episodes)

This is a sports anime combined with the elements of slice of life drama. It tells us the story of 10 boys who plan on competing in the Hakone Ekiden marathon. It is not so simple as it looks, their captain Haiji Kiyose persuades them in humorous and sensible ways to go for it, but after the entry of the other protagonist Kakeru Kurahara things change because he is not a team player due to personal reasons but he begins to change when he finally understands what acceptance and expressing your emotions truly mean. This anime is short, sweet and very subtle, even the animation is fantastic which is topped by spot-on voice acting and soul elevating background music by Yuki Hayashi.

3) Vinland Saga: (24 episodes)

Although it was announced that the run would end after 24 eps. At the time this blog is being published this show airs every Monday. This is an amazing show which details the story of a boy named Thorfinn. Thorfinn is out to take revenge for his father’s death. Although Vinland saga is set during the Viking era. But this revenge story is centered around a more bigger plot. All the characters are in fact important historical figures. This is a product of WIT studios. It is said it could be their another ace after the success of Attack on Titan. The world of VS is truly beautiful but looms with death and despair as well.

4) Kaguya sama: Love is war; (12 episodes)

You may not know much about the series. You would have definitely seen the quirky yet cool Chika Fujiwara Dance, she is a supporting character btw. So the story goes on like this, student council president Miyuki Shirogane and vice-president Kaguya Shinomiya seem like a power couple. Their pride always comes in between them when it comes to confessing their love for each other. So they both try to outwit the other by baiting the other person to confess first, which often leads to very funny situations. DID I MENTION THE KEK WHO WILL DO THAT FIRST WILL LOSE?

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