Dr. Stone is the next big thing?

Why Dr. Stone is the next big thing? Read the whole review.

A post-apocalyptic anime dabbling with the concept of brain vs brawl.

Based on a popular manga series by weekly Shonen Jump, Dr. Stone is definitely one of the most awaited anime of 2019. The primary theme of the anime revolves around the implementation of science for the revival of human civilization. As a self-proclaimed nerd, I can say the anime does a great job at being Sci-fi while using actual science facts. (apart from the petrification and de-petrification concept, and Tsubasa killing a lion bare hand. Well, that was kinda badass).

The Plot of Dr. Stone:

While Taiju is confessing to his long-time high school crush, Yuzuriha. A mysterious light appears turning all of humanity into stone. However, only humans were petrified while the rest of the animal kingdom thrived on earth without any humans. Taiju is eventually able to break free almost 3700 years later. Taiju discovers that his science-loving best friend Senku is also revived. 

The titular protagonist of the show, Senku earns the name Dr. Stone as he crafts the cure which leads to the de-petrification. With Taiju’s physical strength and Senku’s intelligence and vast knowledge of science. They were to attempt the revival of human civilization. 

Along the way, they revive another high schooler, Tsukasa for survival. However, things backfire when Senku realizes that Tsukasa has totally opposite ideologies than him. Tsukasa believes that flawed humans do not deserve to be revived in the stone world, while Senku vows to use everything in his power to bring back the entire human race into existence. From this point of dispute, the story kicks off with Senku building the kingdom of science to take down the extremely overpowered antagonist Tsukasa who wants to purge humanity and create a perfect world.

Overall Verdict:

Most of the post-apocalyptic stories dabble around alien invasion, wars, natural disasters; which is why the concept of Dr. Stone is definitely refreshing. A lot of research has gone into the design of the story. The characters are well designed, the background is detailed perfectly and the music fits into the scenarios very well. The anime is also able to create a solid emotional beat right from the start. When the thought of his high school love kept Taiju robust while the rest of the universe underwent a millennium of changes. It’s absurd, yet beautiful. Even in the darkest phase of your life, it takes a lot of guts to be ambitious and not lose hope.

I would eagerly recommend this anime to any science-loving / non-loving otakus. Whoever is looking for a change of scenery. This anime will definitely keep you entertained.

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