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Hey Otaku! Ever wanted to express your thoughts on an anime?

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We’re aiming to spread the otaku culture all over the world and you can be a part of it. Brush up your writing skills, Kouhai and tell us what you think about an anime you’ve watched. What more authenticity does one need from a review written by an otaku just like yourself!

Come and Write with Senpai!

Why Should You Write With Us?

Give senpai a chance to tell you the perks of writing with us –

  • You will be credited for the blog you provide us with.
  • Along with your credits – your name and social media would be displayed at the end of your blog, Senpai will make sure of it!
  • Otakus all across the world will see your work.
  • You can also mention this work in your portfolio/ resume. Senpai would be glad to write a recommendation for you.
  • Did I mention that you can flex this? Well, that goes unsaid but YES YOU CAN!
  • You get the opportunity to be in contact and interact with other weeks.
  • We can discuss the alternative endings of Attack on Titan.
  • You can choose from a range of categories such as a review, cosplay or anime news related blog. Whatever interests you – we’re enthused to read!

Here Are Tips To Help You Write The Blog –

If you want Senpai to notice you and publish your blog, these are some pointers that you’ve to keep in mind before submitting the blog.

  • The blog should have an introduction of the anime along with the body and conclusion in the end.
  • If you need assistance in editing, don’t worry. You can just email us at knowsenpie@gmail.com (yes, it’s “pie”)
  • Try to make the Blog from 400 to 1000 words either it’s a news blog, cosplay blog or an anime review.
  • The blog should have a proper heading and if the heading is a question you’re gonna answer, make sure to do it in the beginning then go with the first point.

Ready for Senpai to notice you?

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