Your Lie In April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) a must watch

Your Lie in April saddens your heart, tear you apart, make you feel helpless and leave you clinging onto a cliff of hope.

The Plot of Your lie in April

Naoshi Arakawa is a genius. He certainly knows what he is doing. The story is brilliant. Filled with lots of emotions, great backstories, interesting characters and with some light humor. How more amazing can a person be? Thank you for gifting us Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. This world would have been so incomplete without it.

‘Did I reach you, I hope I did’ This line has a special place in our hearts.
The first episode is an average one with a few interesting plot lines. But the second episode has all the charm. It’s the hook you wanted to cling on with but you never knew. Irony has its ways. The pacing of the story can prove to be quite slow for some people. Some may even say that it is just being dragged out for too long but please guys hold on to it. It is worth it. The wait is worth it. And for us, the pacing was quite good. It never feels like the story is just stretching out for no reason or something like that.

The Characters

The characters in this 22 episode anime are quite good. The way they are portrayed is just amazing. We certainly think that A-1 pictures did quite a fascinating job portraying those characters. To get connected with a character, it takes time. But this one doesn’t. You can count this one as one of those very few exceptions out there.

The Animation

The animation, let’s say will not disappoint you. You would have expected much from A-1 pictures but it is excellent where it needs to be i.e the parts where the melody hits off your ears and you feel like you’re the time. Transcendent would be the perfect word. About the animation, the animation could have been better of course but we can make an exception here too. It’s not that bad. Or maybe we had our hopes high that time.

The Music

Sound, It’s subjective here. We would not say much about it but would really like to state our personal opinions. The music was great. Sometimes we still hear those melodies. Oh man, the piano really calms us out. It kind of extracts all the stress and anxiety of the day. Sounds soothing huh? Well, it is. The Into of Your Lie in April is a must-watch. 

Overall - 8.5/10

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